turning twenty-seven !

hey readers,

my birthday is about two weeks away, and it's always something I dread. Not so much for the reason of it landing on valentine's day, but just for the simple fact that I am one year older. My birthday isn't so much a celebration, but more so, a reflection of what I have accomplished and what I've yet to. I noticed that if I don't set out goals for myself, I easily get lost in the current of routine. One simple relaxed, chill day will turn into two, and so forth and so on. Actually pushing through with a goal is something that hasn't always been easy for me. You may think how so? With enough drive and motivation, you can set out to do what you''ve had your mind on, right? Honestly. no. My brain has a wiring where I am constantly doubting myself, constantly putting myself down, and questioning what's the point? I cannot express to you how many hobbies and little creative ideas I've had swimming in my mind that, unfortunately, never happened. I get myself pumped up and motivated for something, and weeks go by, and i've already talked myself into this mindset where everything is pointless. I am working to ignore the little voice inside my head that tries to convince me i'm pointless and that nothing matters. So, here are five things I plan on working on.

1. stepping more out of my comfort zone. I tend to let my insecurities and anxiety stop me from doing ordinary small things. It can be as insignificant as trying a new coffee shop or wearing an outfit I don't normally wear.

2. eating healthier. Slowly but surely, I have been incorporating more organic plant based foods into my every day diet, and I hope to make this into an every day routine.

3. learn to be happy in my own skin. It doesn't help seeing beautiful models on instagram, and not wish to have their body or facial features. I'm trying to love the uniqueness of what makes me, me.

4. become more organized. I've noticed if I don't have an outline of what i want to accomplish or get done during the week, then i won't get things done. A little more organization in my life to make sure im doing nothing but productive things to reach my goals.

5. stop being so negative. I am very overly critical of anything i do. be it a photo, a meal, or even this post. I want to stop nit picking every little thing i find wrong, and look into seeing things with a more positive outlook.

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