whomever is reading this, welcome!

Hey guys! My name is Stephanie. Most people call me Steph. My parents call me Rooney. Whichever is of your liking. I am 26 years old living in the capital of Texas, Austin. I've lived here for going on 2 years. Ever since I was 18, it's been my dream to live in the lively, city of the weird. I made it a goal to leave my hometown of Brownsville, Texas by the age of 25. 

For years, I had been wanting to create my own blog. I procrastinated longer than I had initially plan to. I worried about what people who think or if even people actually still blog. But! I've made 2019 my year to set all I dream to accomplish. As unattainable as some of them may be. Go me, right?! 

I'm not entirely sure what you can expect from my blog if you choose to stick around. I love fashion, baking, diy projects, exploring new towns or my own, coffee shops, thrifting and the interests really do go on. So expect alot of upcoming maybe already over done posts just with my little twist on things.

Bye for now!